scooter podcasting

Podcasting… I am a bit embarrassed to say I just formally learned what this is (exactly) in the last month.  I used to have a radio show and I would post the mp3’s (a new format at the time!!) on the web.  Turns out that was basically a podcast, although typically people these days subscribe to the podcast.  (Pull vs. push)  And with today’s fancy technology, you don’t need a radio studio to create your own podcast.  If you already knew all of this, well, consider yourself smart!

Obviously there are podcasts about every topic under the sun… but since this is a scooter site I’ll promote the Scooter Internet Radio podcast.


2 responses to “scooter podcasting

  1. Thanks for the post/link on my podcast. I have been watching your posts for only a few weeks, and appreciate the eclectic content. Feel free to leave me voicemail (206-888-6174) or drop me an email. I’m always interested in speaking with other bloggers.

  2. DaveM,
    You’re welcome. I am backlogged on listening to your podcasts, but it’s on my todo list. I would be interested in chatting with you, hopefully in the beginning of the new year.

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