baklava keeps your head warm

Previously I wrote about protecting your neck and head from the cold. I mentioned wearing a “baclava” which is actually a wonderful Greek pastry, albeit mispelled. What I meant to say was I wear a “balaclava”.

Baklava: yummy pastry Balaclava: head gear

For some reason I find my mistake very amusing. Anyways, the balaclava looks like a bank robber mask, or a ninja mask. They have some at newenough if you want. The balaclava I have is from snowboarding, and so far it works fine. (Of course winter hasn’t really hit yet here in Columbus.) If you just want a simple one, it shouldn’t be expensive. Just make sure it’s thin so it will fit under your helmet, don’t get a wooly one.


3 responses to “baklava keeps your head warm

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  2. just wanted to thank you for putting the blog together.

    you rock.

  3. Chris, you’re welcome… I should have done it sooner! Everyone else – this is what he’s talking about-

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