Cold Riding Tips from Crystal

Crystal from has a great posting with riding tips for fall/winter weather.

I’d say the piles of leaves and the fog are my biggest concerns, since I think I now have the cold problem nipped in the bud.  Rode Tuesday with no problem at all, in fact I got really hot on the way home, apparently the temp got up pretty high!  (I write these posts in advance lots of times, so this doesn’t mean I didn’t ride Wed or Thurs, FYI.)


2 responses to “Cold Riding Tips from Crystal

  1. Crystal’s post is an excellent reminder of the small and seemingly insignificant things waiting to trip up a careless rider. Managed carefully though a scooter can go through an amazing range of circumstances.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  2. Steve, you said it! The wet leaves everyone leaves out in the street and gutter are really bothering me for some reason lately.

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