neon. purple neon. under my scooter.


So people have different styles.  People appreciate different things.  Many of my friends do not appreciate purple neon under cars, but some do.  I happen to love it.  As long as I have had my scooter I have wanted to get some purple neon under her.  Get that glow… I figure you, dear reader, are having one of three reactions right now.

A.  Get out!  That looks ridiculous!  Really now, that just looks childish/juvenile/ghetto (and not in a good way)/ trashy (not in a good way)

B.  I can see how you might like it, but it’s not for me.

C.  Awesome!!!  How can I do it?  And is there any way to put hydraulics on it while we’re at it?

If you responded A or B, then just come back tomorrow for a post on a different topic.  If you answered C, you are in luck!  Well, except for the hydraulics part.

I bought a kit ( from my local store ( and, with a little help, proceeded to install the 2 light strips and 2 of the 6 light pods.  I’m having trouble getting the photos to come out, so photos and detail instructions are coming soon in another post.

Estimated time to do this job: about 2 hours to install, another 1/2 hour to check.  this is with 2 people.  with only one it will be slower.

Tools needed besides the kit: screw drivers, extra screws (kit only came with 4), zipties (kit only came with one), electrical tape

Be prepared to: get on the floor to reach under the scooter, access your battery


5 responses to “neon. purple neon. under my scooter.

  1. hey plesae can u send me how do put the neon under my scoooter i dont get where i should get the electrick from pleas help me im a beginner xD

  2. Hey! I will help you out if I can. I have your email. Thanks for reading.

  3. hi same as the other comment please can you tell me where to get electric from im confused

  4. yes please post more details on this subject! this is exactly what i need!

  5. any 12 volts will work , i would wire it from the parking light so when you have the parkers on the neon will be on !

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