Pro-Bike video and photos

Here’s a great video (totally SFW) comparing the commute to work on an electric bike vs. a car.   This really makes a great case for bikes.     Unfortunately scooters are motor vehicles, so we have to follow the same rules (and roads) as cars.  No scootering on the bike path!  However, scooters have other advantages, particularly when you consider how much space they take up compared to cars.  That is true whether they are on the road or if they are parked.

Here’s a somewhat fuzzy version of the classic argument for bikes or taking the bus, over the typical one-per-person (solo commute) cars.  It shows how much less space the more sustainable options take up.  The street is full with the solo commute option.

classic photo

(Source:, which is from where they list the photo source as “Programm fahrradfreundliche Stadt Muenster” which turns out to be a “36 page booklet describing planning, information and documentation regarding bicycling in Muenster.”  As in Muenster Germany.  If you know German go crazy at

I am looking for a similar video/photos for scooters.  I know of some possible sources, but I wanted to throw it out there to the readers.  Have any suggestions?  Post in the comments.  Thanks!

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