Excellent scooter guide!

So I found this the other day, put together by a group called scooterdiva.com:


This is a terrific guide, with prices, weight, seat height, wheel size, and nice photos.  THESE are the kinds of scooters I am a fan of, not the little razors kiddie “scooters” or the souped-up wheelchair “scooters” for the mobility-impaired.

A few general comments:
1. Don’t get a two-stroke engine, those have terrible emissions.

2. You can find better prices if you are willing to buy used.  (duh)

3. Weight is more important than seat height.  You can get your seat “shaved down” and gain a few inches.  An upholstery shop can do this.  Here in Columbus talk to Rick at Zoot Scoots, he knows a guy.

4. Don’t get a 50 cc unless you are absolutely sure you don’t ever want to go faster than 35 mph.  So if you live in the Short North and need to tool around to campus and downtown, you’re fine getting a Honda Met.  If you want to go on bigger roads (Sawmill, Morse, Cleveland, any freeways) don’t get it.

5. I know what you’re thinking…. but I can buy a Met/Venice/Laser and derestrict it and then go much faster.  I don’t think this is a good idea.  The scooter was built to handle a certain speed.  So the brakes were setup to handle a certain top speed.  Your monkeying with that can be a safety issue.  Also, I’ve never heard of a 50 cc scooter that was derestricted and now reaches 50+ mph.  Will you gain some speed?  Sure.  Is it going to match up with the 125 and 150 cc engines?  No, unless you weight 100 pounds and you’re going downhill, with the wind behind you!  And if you needed one more reason, derestricting them makes their emissions worse, so just don’t do it.


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