Pony it Up!

So I finally went to Iron Pony and got some luggage.  If you didn’t know – Irony Pony is a very big accessories store, with lots of online sales.  But their actual store is here in Columbus (NE side of town).  Everything but the bikes, basically.  They’ve got gear, tires, luggage, chains, helmets, windshields…

Their website is terribly organized for shopping, but it will give you a feel for the tons of stuff they have.  http://www.ironpony.com/  Seriously, I think the building used to be a Super Kmart.  It’s huge.

the bag that I got

 Edited to add this photo of what I got …and also to give a shoutout to the Red Stella with the Columbus Cutters sticker who left a matchbook for Scoot-A-Q on my seat!


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